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Who is the steering committee?
We are a group of community individuals who recognize that no one entity can meet the community’s facility requirements for recreation, performance, wellness, trade shows, conventions and exposition. We recognize that any facility that meets a single organization’s needs would be much more fully utilized if it were shared and met multiple needs. A facility that meets the needs for indoor recreation can also meet needs for community wellness and provide space for performances, conventions, concerts, equestrian, tradeshows, sporting events and community events – all year long.

What organizations are represented on the steering group organizing the project?
The following organizations have one or more members representing them: The Missoula Events Center Steering Committee is a group of proven fundraisers and community leaders involved with successfully completing the following projects for Missoula:

The MEC – Missoula Events Center Steering Committee: John Riley CO-Chair (ISCS Corporation); Bill Bouchee Co-Chair (First Security Bank); Stacey Mueller (The Missoulian); Dirk Visser (Allegiance); Tim Winger (Southgate Mall); Dale Mahlum (Mahlum Ranches-Retired); Kim Latrielle (Missoula Chamber of Commerce).

Why do we need an Events Center?
The Missoula Events Center would contribute to a vibrant community; including Downtown, Midtown, Reserve Street Corridor; representing the city’s core strengths, by allowing our community to:

What types of events can be held in the Missoula Event Center – Multi-purpose?
Anything you can do outside; you can do inside 360 days a year - soccer, basketball, league sports; off season training – basketball, football, golf, batting cages; church groups, rodeo, bull riding, college rodeo, team roping, equestrian events, dog and kennel club shows; social and political rallies; funeral home service and receptions; auction companies, RV and boat shows, motorcycle rallies and automotive dealer shows; trade shows, job fairs, retailer special sales events and clear outs, agricultural dealers, groups, ski and outdoor sportsman fairs, high school graduations, concerts, performing arts, art shows… the list is endless as any event would be applicable.

Will Missoula be able to bid more events to Missoula if we have a Missoula Events Center – Multi-purpose?
Yes – Currently we do not have a venue large enough that is available to bid events into the future. An events center open for community use and bidding would allow all of us to bring new events to Missoula, creating a better quality of life.

Will The MEC be in competition with the University of Montana?
No. The University of Montana supports this venture. Our intent is to build a facility that compliments the Adams Center and potentially becomes a resource for the University and their athletic programs, which currently are in need of indoor seasonal training space. The goal of the Missoula Events Center will be to fill a niche that currently is not being served in our market area. The Feasibility Study just completed has helped to define our market draw and what types of new events we can bring to Missoula with such a facility.

Is this a “Metra-like” building like they have in Billings?
No, the new proposed building is a multi-purpose events center, with limited fixed seating and a concrete floor. The proposed indoor space on one level is estimated to be over 110,000 sq. feet.

Other FaQs?
There are many unanswered questions relating to costs, funding, sustainability, development, location, size – these are all currently being addressed in Phase II of the feasibility process. Refer back to building facts for Phase II details at