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Building Facts

The site for the new events center has not been selected. The process is under way to locate a site and vision plan for the area around the center, determining the size and design of the new center and its projected costs. The chosen location will establish an economic anchor creating vigor in the area of development. The vision is to create a high performing LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) Certified Building. The building of this center will employ thousands of Missoulians before, during and after construction.

The new events center funding will be determined after the Phase I. Currently the project is under Phase II. All phases of work are outlined below.

Phase I
Task 1 – Kickoff, Project Orientation, Initial Fieldwork
Task 2 – Economic, Demographic and Tourism Analysis
Task 3 – Meeting/Convention Industry Analysis & Trends
Task 4 – Concert/Sports/Ticketed Event Industry Analysis & Trends
Task 5 – Interviews and Survey Work
Task 6 – Site Analysis
Task 7 – Analysis of Comparable and Competitive Facilities
Task 8 – Hotel Analysis
Task 9 – Feasibility Recommendations
Task 10 – Needs Assessment of Physical Requirements

The MEC Steering Committee (The MEC) is proud to report that Phase I of the Feasibility Study for an Events Center in Missoula has been completed. Rob Hunden (Hunden Strategic Partners) came to Missoula on September 28th, 2009 and presented to a group of 75 business leaders; including our County Commissions and members of the City Council. At the conclusion of the presentation Hunden Strategic Partners strongly recommended that Missoula build an events center based on their findings. MEC Chairman John Riley at the conclusion of the presentation asked those in attendance; “Based on what your heard today would you like to see us complete the entire study by funding Phase II of this project”? The crowd erupted into applause demonstrating support for the project. When the attendees were asked if they were against the idea, indeed there were several seconds of silence, which was only broken by a City Council person carefully stating that he would need to see what the traffic impact would be, and that was his one concern.

The MEC Steering Committee met and voted to continue with Phase II. The funds have been secured to complete this process. “This now becomes a community project; we need everyone interested in seeing this come to fruition to get involved!” Please find links on the home page about the Phase I power point and executive summary.

Phase II
Task 11 - Demand Projections
Task 12 - Financial Projections
Task 13 - Development Cost and Financing Analysis
Task 14 - Economic, Fiscal and Employment Impact Analysis
Optional Task 15 - Governance, Ownership and Management