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And visitors to Missoula will feel it the moment they arrive in town. The energy that results from events, shows, games and entertainment will spill into the streets of Missoula. The excitement of a new event center is stimulating and contagious with the opportunity to bring an enhanced quality of life to our community. All of these things combine to create a very unique brand for our city, and it is a brand that draws visitors, shows and events to Missoula year after year bringing more to our city in terms of entertainment, events, revenue and opportunity.

Phase II report, planning and design for a Missoula events center has been delayed. Due to recent economic changes in Missoula County, further study and analysis of local market conditions is necessary in order to report accurate market demands and financial feasibility of an events center. The Steering Committee and Hunden Strategic Partners will continue to meet and finalize the Phase II report. For any questions or comments please visit our contact page.

About MEC

Missoula has been studying the idea of building a new events center for over 30 years. Missoula has both the need and the demand for a new events center.


NEED: Missoula is an attractive Montana city, drawing thousands of visitors a year. These visitors attend local concerts, festivals and spend money in the area. We are lucky to have a cultured local population as well. By growing the events business; Missoula can enjoy more shows, concerts, sporting events, trade shows and entertainment, creating a better quality of life for our community. In addition, an events center creates a new niche in the marketplace that will generate jobs and visitors, bringing new revenue to our city.


DEMAND: Right now Missoula is turning away business because of the lack of a center. Our own populace travels to other cities and towns to participate in events outside Missoula. With such limited resources now, Missoula cannot compete with other event holding markets around the state or even with neighbors in Idaho and Washington. With our city’s unique brand, we could be competing for 75% of the events market. A new events center will allow us to do that. It will also allow us to create several hundred new jobs and $75 million in additional economic activity.


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